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If you’re one of the many people who can’t pay more than the Minimum Amount Due on High-Interest rate Credit Cards, you could save thousands of rupees in interest, with a Credit Card Refinancing Loan.

What is Credit Card Refinancing?

Credit card refinancing is a type of debt consolidation loan that allows you to combine multiple credit card balances into one easy payment in order to relieve yourself from Debt Trap and simplify your life.

If you are also seeking Credit Card Refinancing loan to repay debts, then Spheeti Fintech Pvt. Ltd. (SFPL) is the right solution for you!

At Spheeti Fintech, we believe there’s a smarter way to manage credit card debt and get on the path to financial freedom with a credit card refinancing loan.

Features of ‘Credit Card Refinancing Loan’

Minimal Documentation

It requires minimum documentation as compared to other loans. This makes the system brief and easy.

No Collateral

These loans don’t require for you to pledge any collateral or asset to avail a credit card refinancing loan.

Simple & Easy to Get

If one is seeking out easy and comparatively low interest loan then SFPL is the right option to access.

Loan Eligibility Criteria

Minimum Salary

Rs. 25,000/-

Min. Work Experience

1 Year

Residence Type


Payment History

Regular payer of min. amount due

How To Apply?

In order to avail quick approval & disbursement, please follow the simple application process.

Apply Online

Fill in the Request Form above

Upload Documents

Share your KYC Documents

Obtain Quick Approval


Fix-Up a meeting with Representative for Documents Collection

Sign Agreement



NACH Mandate will be signed for seamless EMI Flow

Required Documents for Credit Card Refinancing Loan

  • Aadhar Card and Pan Card, basically your KYC Documents.

  • Salary Slips

  • Bank Statement

  • 1 Passport Photo

About Spheeti Fintech Pvt. Ltd.

Spheeti Fintech Pvt Ltd. (SFPL) is a Non-Banking Financial Company registered with RBI (Reserve Bank of India), and based out of Mumbai. The Line of Business of SFPL is to advance Corporate Salaried Employees with Medium and Short term Loans. The objective of SFPL is to provide loans at a Competitive ‘Rate of Interest’ and ‘Terms & Conditions’ to meet the ‘Petite Needs’ & ‘Relieve’ Corporate Salaried Employees from High Interest Debt trap such as Private Finance, Credit Card Minimum Payments, and So on.

Our Testimonials

SFPL helped me streamlining my Credit Card Outstanding by financing Credit Cards Bill. The process to apply for credit card refinancing loan is very easy and efficient!
Easy Application for Credit Card Refinance, will save hefty interest amount which was being paid on Credit Card. I would definitely recommend SFPL if you want to get out of high interest EMIs.
SFPL has really made my life easy. Helped me to close my Credit Card Bill, and gave me an opportunity to save on high interest amount. Really appreciate the work done by them.
My friend recommended to get a credit card refinancing loan and hence I chose SFPL. Quick loan processing, fast disbursement which helped me to Save that particular month's Min Amount due, paid my bill and now in a mode of saving few interest amount.
Applied for smallest amount, got it approved and best part is Foreclosure is Literally at Zero Percent. Hence, I chose SFPL.

Consolidated my high interest Credit Card Loans with SFPL's deal. Literally saved a lot of money with SFPL's loan. It is the next best step towards reducing your debt.
Easy application on WhatsApp, Quick approval & fast disbursement. No need to download any extra app on phone. Don't worry its legitimate. And they ensure that all personal data and documents shared by us is kept confidential.
They solve every query that you have related to the process.So, feel free to ask your doubts. The best part is Fast Loan Disbursement and easy to understand Terms & Conditions.